I am currently a Teaching Fellow in Music at Royal Holloway, University of London, where I teach on a variety of music theory and history courses. I have also taught at Goldsmiths, Manchester, and Buckinghamshire New University. This page contains a few reflections on my teaching philosophy, lists of the courses I have taught, and a few videos related to my teaching.

Teaching Philosophy

I am passionately committed to pursuing equality, diversity, and inclusion for all, and I see my work teaching music as a vital aspect of this, along with promoting a welcoming and intersectional workplace culture.

In my teaching, I insist on a varied amount of music examples to be studied on courses, with examples from women composers, and composers from Black and ethnically-diverse backgrounds. There is still far more to be done, however: I am determined that my courses should feature an equal representation of different backgrounds, and that includes the theorists and authors studied. My Spring 2021 MMus ‘Techniques of Music Analysis’ module has included a session on ‘Decolonising Music Theory’ for the first time, exploring methodologies and discourses that offer us a way to recognise and move beyond music theory’s White racial frame. My public-facing musicology YouTube channel, ‘Cult of Musicology’ has begun a series of new videos on decolonising the music curriculum.

I am passionate about promoting access to music education, particularly in light of how much I benefitted from council-run schemes that have since been withdrawn in the UK. In my teaching, I centre questions of accessibility and gatekeeping, and how numerous structures exist in the academic and musical worlds to reinforce existing structures and prejudices.

Teaching Experience

Royal Holloway, University of London

I have taught on a wide variety of modules during my work as a Teaching Fellow at RHUL. These include:

PG level

MU5515 Historical Musicology

MU5520 Techniques of Theory & Analysis

MU5541 Music since 1900

UG level

Theory Grade 7 course (to help students from non-standard theory backgrounds attain their ABRSM Grade 7)

MU1110 Theory & Analysis

MU1111 Practical Musicianship (2017-2020); Foundations of Music Theory (2020-present)

MU1114 A Very Short History of Music

MU1115 Introduction to Historical Musicology

MU1117 Contemporary Debates in Music

MU2002 Studies in Music History (2017-2020, block on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring; 2020-present block on ‘Music & the Holocaust’)

MU2269 Polish Music since 1945

MU2298 The String Quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich (starting Sept 2021)

MU3260 Russian Music, Literature, and Film

MU3391 Dissertation (I have supervised dissertations on a variety of subjects including Russian music, folk music, popular music, music psychology, the politics of music education, and more)

MU3392 Analysis Dissertation (I have supervised analysis dissertations on a variety of subjects including sonata theory, analysing Shostakovich, analysing minimalism, and more)

Goldsmiths, University of London

Maternity cover, teaching course MU53012 Soviet Music & Politics, 2018-2019

University of Manchester

Maternity cover, teaching course MUSC20012 Analysis, Spring Term 2019

Buckinghamshire New University

Maternity cover, teaching course AP404 Audio Cultures, Spring Term 2016