Cult of Musicology – first video

The Covid pandemic has forced lots of teachers and lecturers to teach entirely online, most for the first time. In my own case, that meant producing an online series of videos on Music Theory (you can see that playlist here, updating slowly with a new video uploaded every week)

After that project, and after feedback from lovely colleagues, I have moved into the unknown with my own youtube channel – Cult of Musicology.

There’s a few thoughts that provide the foundation for the channel, and which will inform subsequent video topics:

  • Very simply, it’s for anyone wanting to know a little more about musicology
  • It’s for anyone who wants to know more about the kind of critical skills that underpin musicology
  • Especially, it’s to promote the idea of further study and education in musicology – for anyone who is thinking about maybe taking a course
  • I don’t want it to be an educational channel, in the sense that it could be akin to a course on musicology (though it will promote further study)
  • I don’t want it to promote any particular institution (be it educational or musical)

I’m open to ideas for topics and also for collaborations (indeed, I hope to start a series of chats/interviews with early career musicologists, recorded from Zoom).

Upcoming topics that I have planned include: ‘the problem with “Genius”‘, ‘What is the “Canon”?’, ‘The Composers’ intentions – do they matter?’, ‘Privilege and Classical Music’, and more.

For now, here’s the first video and introduction to the channel: trying to answer the question ‘What is Musicology?’

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