Paperback edition of Music Behind the Iron Curtain

I’m delighted that Cambridge University Press have released a paperback edition of my first book, Music Behind the Iron Curtain: Weinberg and his Polish Contemporaries.

You can order it from their site:

CUP have also provided a 20% discount code (‘MUSIC1322’)

Reviewers say:

‘Elphick’s fascinating book is the product of a long and deep engagement with Weinberg’s life and work, essential reading for anyone wishing to understand him, and an answer for those who might wonder why this undoubted genius has been so unfairly neglected.’ Mark Glanville, Classical Music

‘This sheds new light on Weinberg by exploring the tangled political context surrounding the reception of his work … Elphick’s writing style remains consistently engaging, and draws upon an impressively wide range of documentary sources to illuminate his arguments.’ Erik Levi, BBC Music Magazine

‘Blending lucid music analysis with careful contextualization, the study is a quietly ambitious first monograph from a significant new voice in Polish and Russian music scholarship.’ Nicholas Reyland, The Slavonic and East European Review

‘… supplies interesting contexts for anyone interested in Weinberg’s world.’ John Allison, Opera Magazine

‘The powerful music and fascinating biography engagingly described by the author, make this book recommended reading for anyone interested in the music created behind the Iron Curtain.’ Beata Bolesławska-Lewandowska, Transposition

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