Band video: lockdown collaboration indoors

A rare opportunity to see me performing with my covers band on video: KIAF is an annual meet-up for friends from my undergraduate university (Keele, 2008-2011). This being the year of pandemic, we produced an online version. This was painstakingly recorded layer by layer, thanks to the mastermind brilliance of our drummer/producer, Sam. Here… Continue reading Band video: lockdown collaboration indoors

Review – ‘Pandemic: Covid-19 Shakes the World’, by Slavoj Žižek.

Nietzsche used a word, unzeitgemäße, that has a meaning of 'unmodern', or 'out-of-date', or, closer to Nietzsche's usage, being so full of its own sense of temporal situated-ness that it embodied something of that exact moment in time, but nothing after. Compare that to something like Fredric Jameson's work and his take on 'Postmodern', which… Continue reading Review – ‘Pandemic: Covid-19 Shakes the World’, by Slavoj Žižek.

Music Examples for ‘Music Behind the Iron Curtain’

This is a list of audio recordings available for the majority of the music examples featured in my book, 'Music Behind the Iron Curtain'. This is intended for use while reading through the text. You can buy the book from Cambridge University Press here. Square brackets indicate the page number for the example. I have linked… Continue reading Music Examples for ‘Music Behind the Iron Curtain’